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The code-maker: sets a hidden code of four coloured pegs--choosing from yellow, red, orange, blue, green, or white.
The code-breaker: replicates the code in 10 moves or fewer.

With each of the players attempts, the code-maker uses red and white key pegs to offer cryptic clues about colour and position.

Instructions (Console)

User Stories (Console)

Title Description Story
Code-breaker starts game The code breaker opens up a shell, types a command, and sees a welcome message. As a code-breaker, I want a welcoming message when I open the game, so that I know the game is ready to play.
Code-maker creates the code The code maker produces a random code of four colours (based on the six colours available) and prompts code breaker to enter the first guess. As a code-maker, I want to produce a secret code, so that the code-breaker can try and break it.
Code-breaker submits guess The code breaker enters a guess and the system replies by marking the guess according to the marking algorithm. As a code-breaker, I want to guess the code, so that I can get information about the code.
Code-breaker wins game The code breaker enters a guess that matches the secret code exactly. The system responds by marking the guess with four + signs and a message congratulating the code breaker on breaking the code in how ever many guesses it took. As a code-breaker, I want to enter the correct code, so that I can win the game.
Code-breaker loses game After 10 guesses the game tells the code-breaker that the game is over and reveals the code. As a code-maker, I want to limit guesses to 10 attempts, so that I can win the game.
Code-breaker plays again After the game is won or lost, the system prompts the code-breaker to play again. If the code-breaker indicates yes, a new game begins. If the code-breaker indicates no, the game shuts down. As a code-breaker, I want to replay the game, so that I can try again.

Release Plan

  • Release 0
    • Iteration 0
      • Create the projects ecosystem
        • Development Tree
        • Project Files
        • Tools and References
        • Build Script (Basic)
      • Import to Version Control
        • Update Ignore File
        • Local Init, Add and Commit
        • Push to Codeplex
  • Release 1
    • Iteration 1
      • Code-breaker starts game
      • Code-maker creates the code
      • Code-breaker submits guess
    • Iteration 2
      • Code-breaker wins game
      • Code-breaker loses game
  • Release 2
    • Iteration 3
      • Code-breaker plays again

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